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Bill D. Webber

Bill D. Webber

Bill is recognized by his Yukon community as a respected First Nation leader, public servant and family man. A citizen of Kwanlin Dun First Nation (KDFN), he continues to contribute his vision and people-oriented service to active roles. He is grateful for the life he shares with his wife Adeline Webber, 3 children and 2 grandchildren. As a First Nation leader, member of governance bodies and public servant, Bill’s roles include:

Kwanlin Dün Judicial Council Member (2014-present) – Bill is a tribunal member of the appointed Council responsible for administrative justice in accordance with the KDFN Constitution dealing with concerns or complaints by KDFN citizens on the citizenship code, elections or any actions by the First Nation that may be a violation of rights.

Kwanlin Dün First Nation Councillor – Bill served as an elected member of Council for three separate terms between 1995 and 2009 which included the foundational years for the negotiation and implementation of the 2005 self-government and land claim agreements.

Kwanlin Dün First Nation Elder Councillor – Bill served two terms on the KDFN Elder’s Council between 2006 and 2010. The Elder’s Council is one of the branches of government that provides recommendations and advice to the KDFN Chief and Council.

Kilrich Industries Limited Partnership Board Member (2012 – Present) – Bill was appointed to the Board to represent KDFN interests as a significant shareholder.

Yukon Association for Non-Status Indians (YANSI) President (1975-1980) – Bill was an elected senior officer responsible for the management and administration of YANSI, representing non-status and Metis people of the Yukon. He directed the negotiation and amalgamation of YANSI into one organization, the Council of Yukon Indians, representing status, non-status and Metis people of Yukon.

Special Assistant to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs (Yukon), Indian and Northern Affairs (1980 – 1983) – Bill planned and coordinated trips to Yukon and kept the Minister informed on Yukon issues which involved liaison with federal and territorial senior officials.

Other governance and management roles included the Council of Yukon Indians (CYI), Director and Vice-Chairman, Economic Development; Native Council of Canada, Director; Skookum Jim Friendship Centre, Director; Yukon Housing Corporation, Director; Federal Business Development Bank, Yukon Director; Yukon Boys and Girls Club of Canada; Canada/Yukon EDA, Federal Co-chair, Economic Development Planning Committee; Yukon Liquor Corporation General Manager; Yukon Liquor Corporation and President and CEO; Director, Executive Services, Department of Indian and Northern Development (DIAND), Yukon Region; Manager - Economic Support Group, Northern Affairs Program, DIAND, Yukon Region and Manager, Economic Development Agreements, Northern Affairs Program, DIAND, Yukon Region.