Beaded Portraits

Willie Joe Mbaya'ta

Kaylyn Baker - #nanamomma or

Kaylyn Baker is a proud Northern Tutchone and Tlingit woman from the Yukon. She is of the Raven Clan, and a citizen of Selkirk First Nation. She has spent much time living in the Yukon as well as Alaska. She is an avid beader, using various textiles to create her own designs, translating her work into mukluks, moccasins, and purses among many other things! At a young age, Kaylyn developed an interest in visual arts including painting, pottery and photography. Her mother, Charlene Baker, was a student at Emily Carr University and University of Alaska Southeast, where Kaylyn joined her mom in the classes and fully took part! There, she learned about the various visual art mediums, and has brought these experiences to her re-kindled love of beadwork.and has three grandchildren who are now attending school; Shailey is in grade two, Khloe in Aboriginal Headstart Program and Anika in high school. She loves them and is very proud of them all. She had been employed by, Yukon Government, WRFN, TH working as an office administrator, wellness coordinator and Aboriginal Headstart Teacher. One of her handmade TH logos was presented to Prince Charles, as a gift, during his visit to the North. She has a home based business and takes orders from customers from around the Yukon.